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Bosch - Save money and Protect the Environment with Oxygen Sensors

Small Sensors with a big impact: Bosch oxygen sensors

In 1976, the oxygen sensor was first launched as original equipment on a series-produced vehicle. The emission levels achieved did not only fall below the applicable emission regulations, they would comply with more stringent future regulations. By now – more than 40 years later – hardly any other vehicle component stands for “clean driving” as oxy-gen sensors do. It is practically impossible to imagine today’s motor vehicles without it. After all, oxygen sensors first allowed the application of three-way catalytic converters – and the compliance with modern emission standards.

Bosch: 1st choice in terms of oxygen sensors  
As the inventor and a major producer of oxygen sensors, Bosch guarantees the use of innovative materials and manufacturing processes. Bosch oxygen sensors are optimized for breaking and thermal shock resistance and are 100 %functionally tested.
Bosch oxygen sensors standout for their:

  •  Extremely high durability
  •  Excellent performance
  • Optimal engine compatibility


Oxygen-sensor maintenance – Simply Safer
Regular checking and replacement is well worth it Optimum functionality of oxygen sensors is a prerequisite for reliable engine performance. Combustion of soiled fuel and oil residues can reduce their service life significantly.
Safety first: stick to inspection and replacement intervals Reduced effort, great benefit: Have your workshop check the oxygen sensor at each and every scheduled service –regularly every 30 000 km. If aging is detected have your oxygen sensor(s) replaced. 
There are good reasons for you as a car driver to rely on properly functioning Bosch oxygen sensors:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by up to 15 %
  • Avoidance of expensive catalytic converter damage
  • Adherence to strict exhaust emission standards
  • Improved driving performance

Advantages of Bosch Oxygen sensors at a glance:

  • From the inventor of the oxygen sensor: Within the wide Bosch range of oxygen sensors there is the right oxygen sensor for a large range of diesel and petrol driven vehicles. In Bosch quality, of course.
  • Due to continuous development Bosch oxygen sensors are always state-of-the-art. 
  • Bosch oxygen sensors are delivered to your  workshop as ready-to-install unit – saving time and  money.
  • Bosch has produced over a billion oxygen sensors  since invented in 1976.