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Diesel Injector Tools to Hire and Buy

We offer a range of Diesel Injector kits for sale or hire to help you get those tricky jobs done easily. Check out some of our most popular kits below.

Diesel Injector Removal Bridge - ET3050

This set is designed to remove extremely stuck injectors. Suitable for use with a range of PSA, Ford, Holden, Iveco models.

 Diesel Injector Removal Kit - ET1905

A heavy duty diesel injector puller kit for disassembling / removing stuck injectors.

This kit has broad application including Bosch / Delphi injectors.

Includes universal joint to provide better access to hard to reach areas, and an M18 >> 5/8-18 UNF adaptor (to use with standard slide hammers).

  • Hex bit sockets: ¿7.6, ¿6.6
  • Universal joint: M18 x 1.5
  • Special hex sockets: 25mm, 27mm, 29mm, 30mm
  • Injector grippers: 12mm, 13.5mm, 16mm, 26mm
  • Pull spindles: OT-M14 x 1.5, OT-M16 x 1.5, IT-M16 x 1.0, ITM17x 1.0, IT-M20 x 1.0, IT-M25 x 1.0, IT-M27 x 1.0, OT-M25 x 0.5,OT-M25 x 0.75, OT-M27 x 1

Injector Removal Kit Bosch - ET4059

Specialised kit for demounting stuck injectors (mainly Bosch) without removing the cylinder head. Wide coverage on 1.3L - 2.2L diesel engines.

Universal Injector Removal Kit - HCBA1994

A specialised master kit for removing diesel injectors on most vehicles, without having to remove the electrical part.

  • Suits injectors: M18X1.5 Bosch, M27X1 Siemens , M25X1 Siemens, M14X1.5 Delphi , M20X1 Denso , M16X1 Denso, M16X1.5 Denso, M25X0.5 Denso, M25X0.75 Denso

Click here to see a video of this tool in action. 

Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Kit - ET2210


An essential master kit of diesel injector seat cutters. Injector seat cutters are designed to bore the injector seat to the precise dimensions required when replacing diesel injectors. Otherwise there is a risk of blow back / poor emissions.

This master kit contains 19 pcs, including 15 individual reamers, plus pilot post / injector cleaner / hex key, and T handle.

  • Suits a wide range of vehicles

Universal Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Kit - ET0175

This kit helps clean / decarbonise the injector hole. Plus the seat cutters clean the bottom of the injector hole to allow proper setting of the new copper washer.

Helps avoid blow back due to poorly seated injectors.

  • 3 seat cutters: 17mm flat | 17mm angled | 21mm angled
  • Includes washer removal tool, injector blanking plugs (stop debris entering cylinders), wire brush cleaning set for chamber walls and centralising stem for correct cleaning seating angle.

Diesel Injector Extractor with Air Hammer and Adaptors - 6263 Laser

Diesel injector extractor and air hammer set, supplied with accessories and injector adaptors for removing most diesel injectors

  • Professional air hammer with variable speed trigger, built in power regulator and quick change chuck. Delivers 2200 blows per minute (bpm)/ stroke length 98mm with air hose size 3/8" ID, air inlet size 1/4" BSP, average air consumption 4.0cfm.
  • Diesel injector extractor allows effective transmission of impact force and vibration to any adaptor with a 5/8" UNF thread.
  • Includes 7 diesel injector adaptors: Siemens (2), Denso, High Pressure M12, Delphi, M16 Denso and Bosch Dual Connector.
  • Plus valve seal removal tool for Denso, off-line injector adaptor for access and a Bosch injector dismantling tool.
  • EU Registered Design. 

Click here to see the video of this tool in action. 


Diesel Injector Removal Tool for Jaguar & Landrover - 7166 Laser

Designed for the extraction of diesel injectors on the popular 2.5 TD5 Land Rover diesel engines in the Defender and Discovery this tool clamps on the injector body avoiding any damage to the cylinder head or injector.

  • Land Rover TD5 diesel engine codes 10P, 15P, 16P.
  • Applications: Land Rover Defender (1999 - 2007) & Discovery II (1998- 2005).
  • Supplied with a slide hammer.
  • Equivalent to OEM 303-955, LRT 12-154/1.