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Brake Fluid and Engine Cleaner Specials

Just having a bit of a sort out here in the warehouse coming up to the end of the year. I have a couple of great specials for you on Brake Cleaner Fluid, Brake fluid and Engine Cleaner Flush. These are limited stock specials so be sure to get in quick as these offers will not be repeated!! Don't forget we have everything you could possibly need for brake repairs including a massive selection of brake parts from Meyle and Bosch. If you need it we've got it.

Caramba Brake Cleaner Fluid 4022784W

A premium Product Manufactured in Germany Safe ­ Not aggressive to rubber, plastic or paint Effective ­ Cleans, degreases and dissolves gummy residues, Healthier ­ Free of CFC's Acetone, Butanol and Ethyl Acetate Versatile ­ Suitable for all brake clutch and engine parts.

Just $4.50+GST for a 500ml can

* * When you buy a box of 15 before the end of April 2017

Bosch Blue Dot DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid BC400G

Brake fluids are designed to be hygroscopic, which means that any moisture in the braking system is absorbed and spread evenly throughout the system to prevent localized corrosion or boil. Bosch Blue Dot brake fluid is made to the technical specifications for DOT 5.1 standard. Recommended Uses: ABS/ESC and European vehicles Fluid Replacement Period: Every 24 months (for road use)

Just $7.50+GST for a 500ml bottle

* * When you buy a box of 12 before the end of April 2017

To check which engines blue dot 5.1 is compatible with check out the Bosch Brake Fluid Selection Guide here.

Sonax Easy Off Engine Cleaner Flush 511200

Made in Germany As used in our own workshop Provides Optimum Engine Performance This advanced formula ­ Lubricates while cleansing Dissolves and thins highly oxidized oil reducing contamination of new oil Suspends sludge and varnish deposits for improved lubrication Assures proper valve train and oil pump operation Protects internal engine parts

Just $7.50+GST for a 500ml bottle 2017

* * When you buy a box of 6 before the end of April