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Hella Pagid Brake Systems - featuring low metallic friction compounds.


European styling flair, brand appeal and high levels of refinement are amongst the reasons why European cars are finding favour with New Zealand car buyers. However, to meet the demands of their domestic markets, typically European passenger cars are developed to offer different driving dynamics to their American and Asian counterparts too, with steering, chassis, suspension – and braking – all playing a role in shaping the vehicle’s characteristics and the driving experience. 

When it comes to friction components, European manufacturers favour low-metallic brake friction materials. With a lower metal content, low metallic friction compounds offer improved heat dissipation, more consistent braking performance and are kinder to discs than the semi-metallic and non-asbestos organic (NAO) friction formulations used by many Asian and American manufacturers. Replacing worn brake pads and shoes on European vehicles with anything other than high quality low-metallic friction components can alter the characteristics of the vehicle under braking and result in increased vibration, more noise and longer stopping distances. 

Hella Pagid Brake Systems – the result of a joint venture between Hella and TMD Friction – provides a comprehensive range of brake pads, brake shoes, discs and drums that are developed and manufactured to the precise specifications of the original part, making them the perfect partner for European vehicles. 

Its extensive OE program means many European models roll off production lines equipped with Pagid brake friction and over one million brake pads are manufactured each day at TMD Friction’s European production facilities. Pagid is also trusted by race teams competing at some of the highest levels of motorsport, a competency which is transferred from the track to our roads. 

The Hella Pagid range covers 99 percent of European passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, including all the top selling European models in Australia and New Zealand, such as the VW Amarok, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf, and performance cars such as the Audi R8 and Porsche 911. 

More than 50 different friction formulations, derived directly from TMD Friction’s OE program, feature within the Hella Pagid brake pad range to meet the individual requirements and characteristics of the vehicle, ensuring the optimum balance of performance, safety and comfort. This commitment to ensuring Hella Pagid brake pads meet the OE specification doesn’t stop there, where the OE part has chamfers and slots in the friction surface for improved performance, or noise dampening shims or clips, you’ll find the same features on Hella Pagid brake pads. 

Hella Pagid brake discs, brake shoes and drums are also manufactured to the same high standards. The brake disc range includes coated discs, which feature a chrome-free GEOMET coating for extended corrosion protection, enhancing the appearance of the disc well into its service life while saving valuable workshop time by removing the need for degreasing before fitment. Uncoated discs are available for price sensitive customers while a range of high carbon discs are available for high-performance vehicles, and two-piece composite discs are available as a direct replacement for the discs fitted to certain BMW models. 

Finally, Hella Pagid offers a comprehensive range of fitment kits and accessories, covering more than 500 vehicle-specific applications, allowing it to offer a one-stop brake service solution.