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New Tools from HCB & Endeavour Tools

It's that time again! We just received an exciting delivery of tools from HCB and Endeavour. Specialized auto tools are such a huge part of the job these days, due to their labour and time-saving qualities. With engines becoming more intricate and complex, on car tools allow you to avoid any unnecessary dismantling and rebuilding work. As an added bonus these specialist tools can save you wear and tear on your knees, neck, and back as well as helping to avoid skinned knuckles. The tools we are showcasing this month include a Benz/BMW Fan Service Wrench Kit, A VAG Vibration Dampener Assembly Tool, a BMW Ball Joint Puller, a Universal Locking Ring Tool, a VAG Clutch Removal Kit (for 7 spd DSG gear boxes) and a BMW Diesel Engine Timing tool.