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Tech Tips - Piston Ring Fitting


 I recently came across some great info on fitting piston rings that I thought I would pass on. I would call this info essential training for all garages who are doing engine rebuilds. You need to see this and make sure that all your mechanics do too. It outlines the optimum procedure for re-ringing and fitting pistons. All mechanics should be using these tools for this job as it makes the job easier and more precise.  We provide all the necessary parts and tools for this repair job. 

Check out the video here

Piston Ring Service Kit 50009913

This kit contains piston ring pliers, piston ring scuff bands and one feeler gauge. For fitting pistons and piston rings in passenger cars and utility vehicles. Piston ring pliers ensure the safe fitting and removal of piston rings. Damage to pistons and piston rings, such as scratches, fractures and excessive strains is prevented. The surface is bright nickel-plated with Kolbenschmidt imprint, plastic handles.

The piston ring scuff bands are made of special spring band steel, with a blackened and partially nickel-plated surface, infinitely adjustable. Indispensable for quick and safe insertion of pistons in cylinder bores.

Includes: • 1 feeler gauge 0.05 – 1.0 mm 13 blades, bright nickel-plated shell • 1 piston ring pliers for piston ring diameter 50 – 110 mm* • 1 piston ring pliers for piston ring diameter 110 – 160 mm* • 1 piston ring scuff band for piston diameter 53 – 125 mm, height 3" ** • 1 piston ring scuff band for piston diameter 90 – 175 mm, height 4" ** • 1 plastic case Weight: approx. 2500 g Case size: 450 mm x 360 mm x 106 mm

There are three other tools used in in the video which you may have - otherwise you can order these through us too. 

They are the measurement bridge, the dial gauge, and the plastic gauge set. 

Measurement Bridge 50 009 914

Measurement bridge made of anodised aluminium for dial gauges with 8 mm diameter (screw clamping).

For measuring piston protrusion, cylinder liner protrusion, valve recess, and many other things.

• 3-way adjustable
• Internal spacing of the seating points: 94/134/174 mm

Plastic Gauges 50 009 880

• Metal housing and outer ring
• Measuring range: 0 – 10 mm

Dial Gauge 50 009 884

Plastic Gauges enable the simple but accurate measurement of bearing clearances and gap dimensions. Areas of application include crankshaft and connecting rod bearings as well as situations in which a feeler gauge cannot be used.

Application: The measuring strips are placed on the shaft across the sliding surface. The bearing caps are put in place and secured with the prescribed tightening torques. After the bearing caps are removed, the bearing clearance can be determined from the thickness of the measuring strips using the measuring scale.

Further application possibilities: Determining unevenness on cylinder head sealing faces and lange connections. Measuring range: 0.025 – 0.175 mm 0.001 – 0.007 inch
Includes: 10 measuring strips, measuring instructions and measuring scale in transparent plastic pull-out box 
• Smallest reading: 0.01 mm
• For locating holes with a diameter of 8 mm