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Pump Duce Injector Repair


A recent problem we have heard about from a couple of workshops is a loss of power after injector seals have been changed on VW and Audi models with TDI engines. We have a great repair solution for this problem. Remember we are happy to chat with you about the right tools and parts for any job any time just give us a call.


Your vehicle has no power after the injector seals have been changed. This is because the carbon has been cleaned off the end of the injectors with a wire brush, which has damaged the injector nozzles. We have heard of two garages who had this issue one with a Touareg and one with a Skoda Octavia and in both cases, this was the issue. With VW and Audi TDI engines you can not clean the carbon off the injectors because of the damage it causes.


If the injectors have been damaged the only option is to replace the injectors. The ELRING Seal Kit, has been specially developed for the removal and replacement of injectors on TDI diesel engine with pump duce injectors. This is used alongside Endeavour tools VAG PD Injector alignment kit to quickly and easily repair this fault. In both cases after the repair was completed using these two kits the car performed beautifully. Don't be tempted to clean the injector tips even if there is carbon build up on the ends, because it damages the injector nozzles. If you really need to clean them the only way to do this is using an ultrasonic cleaning bath, and just putting the tips of the injectors into the bath. If you are in the market for an ultrasonic cleaner give Brent at DSL Napier a call on 0800 80 DIESEL. Trust me you will use it for plenty of other jobs in the workshop like throttle body cleaning, petrol injector ­ EGR valves and so on.

Give us a call for new or rebuilt injectors POA

Buy the Elring Seal Injector Kit for $59+GST & shipping (per injector)

Hire both the VAG PD injector alignment kit and the Injector Remover for $65+GST & shipping 

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